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Easy Ball

The Easy Ball differs from the Happy Ball by its handy surface. He is easier to hold in the hands.

This gives him even more stability than Happy. This is especially noticeable when standing on the balls. It is used in neurocognitive anatomical training and activates especially the fascial tissue.

Easy is suitable for proprioception and sensory work all over the body. With the help of the Easy Ball, all areas of the body are worked slowly, intensively and perceptively. The fascial structures and the deeper muscle layers become more elastic and active, the joint mobility more fluid and supple. This way the neurocognitive perception is promoted.

This ball is very versatile and is particularly suitable for neurological and orthopedic complaints.

  • Dimensions: Ø approx. 10 cm
  • textured surface
  • Color: dark gray
  • with needle valve for individual pressure regulation
  • 100% latex and phthalate free
  • Made in Italy and CE marked

Easy Ball has a textured surface and is filled with air. By using a ball pump, the degree of hardness of the Easy Ball can be regulated.


Easy Ball - Care Instructions

After long time and intense usage, the material of the Easy Ball might expand and can get softer. This can be fixed with a ball pump by inflating it to your liking.

Easy can be cleaned with a gentle dishwashing liquid. The use of disinfectant is not suitable, because the surface of the ball can be damaged and become faster brittle!


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