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Sportzeugs Elastiband extra long


Elastiband red 22 lbs extra long with 95.3 inch and 18 different sized grip loops.


The red Sportzeugs-Elastiband trains all the important muscle groups in the body like arms, back buttocks, chest area, thighs, stomach and many more muscle groups.

You can use the red Sportzeugs-Elastiband perfectly for stretching and warming up before your training session. More the Elastiband is stretched, more demanding and intense is the performance of the exercise.

In one training sequence joints can be mobilized, muscles strengthened and fascia activated.

  • Dimensions: 95.3 x 1.6 inch
  • Max. traction: 22 lbs
  • Color: red
  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Versatile and flexible use
  • Tear-resistant and non-deformable
  • Patented article

The red Sportzeugs-Elastiband is a training prop that fits in every handbag und vacation luggage.


Practise instructions with the yoga to work with the NaTuRe-Elastiband



Source: Sportszeugs GbR by Youtube


Sportzeugs-Elastiband red 22 lbs extra long – Care Instructions

The Sportzeugs-Elastiband can be washed with gentle detergent by max. 86 degree Fahrenheit. Please, do not use spin cycle, dryer or any sanitizer, because the Elastiband can be damaged!

The new Sportzeugs-Elastiband red, 22 lbs extra long just entered the market with its 18 different sized grip loops. The outer and inner grip loops are about 6.4 inch wide and the 10 loops that are in-between are about 4.3 inch and 6.4 inch. The division of the grip loops from one end to the other of the NaTuRe-Elastiband extra long is as followed:

  • 2 grip loops each approx. 6.4 inch
  • 5 grip loops each approx. 4.3 inch
  • 4 grip loops each approx. 6.4 inch
  • 5 grip loops each approx. 4.3 inch
  • 2 grip loops each approx. 6.4 inch

Because of the grip loops of the extra long red Sportzeugs-Elastiband it is not necessary anymore to wrap the band around the hands or feet. The different sizes of the grip loops enable a big variety of entry opportunities for the hands, feet or shoulders. The numbered loops make the implementation in call out training sessions easier.

Exercise can be done standing, laying, sitting or at the wall bars. Depending on the exercise numerous different muscles groups are worked on.


The Sportzeugs-Elastiband 22 lbs extra long for horseback riders, horse and riding exercise

So far two of the green Elastibands had to be knotted together to be able to use it for riding. Two Elastiband were professionally knotted together. The downside was the right knot and the knot itself. Our new NaTuRe-Elastiband red 22 lbs extra long doesn’t need to be knotted anymore.




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