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Sponge for Franklin exercise


Sponge for Franklin exercise e.g. as special massage for awareness and relaxation.


Muscles love to be “sponged”. This special massage with the sponge is to enhance awareness, relaxation and well-being. The massage with the sponge can be used before the training to bring attention to a certain area of the body or afterwards for regeneration.

  • Dimensions: ca. 5.9 inch wide, ca. 9.4 inch, ca.3.1 inch high
  • Shape of an eight
  • Color: natural-brown green


Sponge for Franklin exercise - Care Instructions

Wash the sponge in lukewarm water with a little bit of soap by hand or in the washing machine on gentle cycle. Please do not spin or tumble dry in the dryer!

Attention: Please make sure that the sponge is dried out completely before using it (also when you put bodyweight on it)!


Sponge for Franklin exercise examples:


Sponge for Franklin exercise examples - click here


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