Tridex Band blue

Tridex Band blue

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Tridex Band strong


Tridex Band heavy resistance as whole body routine suitable for experienced and trained people.


The heavy resistance Tridex Band is easy to handle and flexible in the application and is suitable for experienced and trained people who would like to work with more resistance.

The blue Tridex Band is used for releasing tension, building core strength and helping to find joy in body awareness.

The Tridex Band enables a concentric and eccentric muscle training in the open and closed system.

Beginners and untrained people, we recommend the green Latex Band with medium resistance

  • Dimensions: ca. 11.5 foot long, ca. 5.1 inch
  • Material: natural latex, elastic
  • Strength: heavy
  • Color: blue

The Latex Band is resilient, heat-resistant and has a long durability.


Attention: Do not use if you are allergic to latex!


Tridex Band - Care Instructions

Store the Latex Band in a box by room temperature or hang it up in a dark place. Keep the Tridex Band away from direct sunlight. Excessive UV-light radiation shortens the life of the Band. Avoid contact with sharp or pointy objects. Remove rings or other jewelry before the training.

After longer usage of the Tridex Band, it could tent to stick together, because of dirt, sweat residue or the use of chlorinated water. Wash the -Tridex Band in warm soapy water, let it air dry and afterwards dredge it in dusting powder.


Exercise Instructions for working with the Tridex Band


Click for free practise instructions for foot gymnastics - please photo


Übungsanleitung Franklin-Tridex Band zum Downladen


Other exercises with the latex ribbon are shown in the video


Spring: Youtube - FranklinMethod


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