Franklin original ball set exercises

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Franklin Original Ball Set Exercises


Franklin Original Ball Set Exercises consists of Original Franklin Ball Set (set of 2) and the booklet  “Preparatory exercise using the Franklin-Method®”.


The Franklin Original Ball is used mostly for mobilizing the joints and activating the muscles.

The indentations of the Franklin Balls have a cupping effect. Through the cupping the skin and the connective tissue underneath are activated.


Standing on the Franklin Original Balls trains the sensormotor function and coordination.

The body awareness and proprioception is optimally trained when using the Franklin Balls for tapping the body. For more information FRANKLIN ORIGINAL BALLS.


Our booklet “Preparatory exercise using the Franklin-Method® for sports and daily life”, from Christiane Greiner-Maneke, has 39 pages of exercise instructions, movement programs for daily life and home as well as an introduction to imagery.


The Franklin Original Ball Set Exercises package includes

  • 1 Franklin Original Ball Set with 2 balls
  • 1 booklet “preparatory exercise” from Christiane Greiner-Maneke
  • Flyer with exercise instructions


The booklet “preparatory exercise” will support the use and the training of the Franklin Original Ball Set  and make it easier.


The Franklin Original Ball can be implemented in any exercise for the back and the pelvic floor, Pilates, Yoga etc.

Original Franklin-Ball  - Care Instructions


The material of the Original Franklin-Ball expands after a certain amount of time by high usage. Through that expansion of the material the balls get softer. They can be pumped up again to your liking with the ball pump.

The Original Franklin-Balls can be cleaned with gentle dish detergent. Pease, do not use sanitizer, because the surface of the ball can be damaged and get brittle faster!


Franklin Original Ball Set – care instructions



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