Franklin Balls Special-Set

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Franklin Balls Special-Set

Our offer:
Franklin Balls Special-Set with a set Original Franklinballs and two Interfascia trigger points for the treatment of the feet.


In a moved and fast-moving time the movement is pushed more and more in the background. Our feet lose, for example, by our smart shoes her weight-bearing meaning.

The foot muscles coach the work with the original Franklin Bällen and the Interfascia of triggers of point in the Easter Special Franklin Balls, make the bandage fabric, the tendons and tapes elastic and the foot vault develops again.

Scope of supply of the Franklin Balls Special-Set

  • 2nd set original Franklin Ball green
  • 1 piece Interfascia trigger point hard (mauve)
  • 1 piece Interfascia trigger point medium (blue)


Training of the feet with the original Franklin Balls

While coaching the feet we always recommend to practice first of all with a foot. Afterwards please track down and to the second foot compare. Only so the smallest change can be also perceived in the feet or in the body. The work with the feet changes the whole feeling in the body and a pleasant sensation spreads out.


The Interfascia trigger points under the feet

Small Franklin Interfascia Ball is well suited for the intensive treatment with difficulties with the feet which appear by fasziale problems. The the fascia between of two muscles can be aimed by the low size of the ball strikingly, and be worked on intensively. The result could be fluent movements and a reduction of pains in the area of the Faszien.

The lilac and the blue Interfascia trigger point differ in the hardness grade. The blue trigger point is softer than the lilac one is (hard). According to feeling these both Franklin Bälle can be used.

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