Set Happy Feet

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Set Happy Feet

The Original Franklin ball is used primarily for the Mobilisation of the joints and the activation of the musculature.

Besides, supports the effect of the Schröpfens, released by the deepening, the suggestion of the skin and the lying underneath fabric. By the standing position on the balls it is coached of course still the Sensomotorik and coordination. While knocking off with the balls the Propriozeption and the body perception is trained.

Pelvic ground exercises, back school, Pilates, yoga exercises can be moved etc. excellently with the original Franklin Ball. The very useful original Franklin ball, with unique, more especially uneven honeycomb structure trains the perception, provides for a pleasant massage feeling with the foot reflex zone massage and other movement forms.


The book Happy Feet into Englisch - Who would like to be carried with his feet with pleasant sensation by the life?


The author Eric Franklin introduces in his book Happy Feet German exercises which do exactly this and hold our feet lifelong fit and elastic.


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