Franklinset after DNI Parkinson's study

Franklinset after DNI Parkinson's study

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Franklinset after DNI Parkinson's study

Franklinset after DNI Parkinson's study to physical coaching with motor deficits.



Franklin Ball softly 2nd


The Franklinball softly finds application at the work with the bandage fabric, the Fascien and other fabric. With the coaching for which the exercises with the green original Franklin Balls pains prepare or the balls are simply too hard we recommend the softer Franklin softball.

Different body regions are worked on with Franklin softballs slowly, intensely and perceiving. The Fascien (bandage fabric) and the deeper lying muscle layers become more movable and more vital.

  • with needle valve to the pressure regulation
  • smooth surface
  • dimension: Ø approx. 10 cm, 2nd set, orange
  • 100% of latex and Phthalate-free
  • Made in ltaly and CE marked


Franklin Plush Ball


With the soft and light Franklin Plush Ball you can gently massage different areas of the body and therefore activate them. The Franklin Plush Ball is particularly suitable for pelvic floor training.

The Franklin Plush Ball looks like a fleece ball. The outer layer is made of synthetic material. The Plush Ball is filled with acryl polyfil.


The pamphlet "Vorbereitende Übungen" belongs to the set Franklin Softball exercises furthermore.

The pamphlet Franklin Methode ® preparatory exercises consists of 39 sides (size A5) and contains:

  • Movement instructions
  • Image of the materials after the Franklinmethode ®
  • Movement programme for the everyday life and for home
  • Exercises on the mat and on the stool
  • Imagination (Pictorial imagination)

In picture and text Preracks exercises can be quite simply integrated into the everyday life.


The pamphlet preparatory exercises is also interesting for rider. Exercises are introduced for the treatment of the seat leg hump and the coccyx. The exercises for the treatment of the shoulder area and cervical area and many other exercises are very interesting also.

The pamphlet Franklin method ® - preparatory exercises for sport and everyday life was provided by Christiane Maneke, back health in the resin.







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