Franklin method ® preparatory exercises

Franklin method ® preparatory exercises

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Preparatory exercises according the Franklin-Method®


Preparatory exercises according the Franklin method ®  - pamphlet with practise and movement instructions for sport, everyday life and for riders.


The pamphlet preparatory exercises according the Franklin Methode ®  passes of 39 sides in the size A5.

  • movement instructions
  • image of the materials after the Franklin method ®
  • movement programme for the everyday life
  • movement programme for home
  • exercises on the gymnastics mat
  • imagination (pictorial imagination)

The preracks exercises can be well inserted home or in the everyday life.

The exercises are very interesting for rider for the treatment of the seat leg hump and the coccyx and the treatment of the shoulder area and cervical area and many other exercises.


The pamphlet  preparatory exercises according the Franklin method ® for sport and everyday life was provided by Christiane Maneke, back health in the Harz.

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