Elastiband Instruction

Elastiband Instruction

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Elastiband Instruction

In German language

Franklin Elastiband Instruction with various techniques and exercises for activation, strengthening and mobilization.

The brochure Elastiband consists of 27 pages in size A5.

  • different investment techniques
  • training Notes
  • Upper extremities
  • Diagonal connection application technique upper + lower extremities
  • Diagonal connection shoulder + foot
  • Connection upper + lower extremities
  • Lower extremities

The exercises presented in the brochure can be used very well in everyday work.

The extra long Elastiband was developed by Luisa Merkel and Christiane Greiner-Maneke in collaboration with Sveltus. By popular request, we have created a manual for the Elastiband.

We hope you enjoy trying it out!


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Multi Elastiband, green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 inch Multi Elastiband, green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 inch
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