Meyners Riders and Movement Set


Meyners Riders and Movement Set

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Meyners Riders and Movement Set

Meyners´ riders and movement set using the Franklin-Method® and riders set with additions.

Selectable are the original riders set or the riders set with additions:





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The Franklin-Method® has been discovered by the equestrian world. The movement expert and horseback rider Eckart Meyners together with Franklin-Method® educator Christiane Greiner-Maneke have developed this Meyners´ riding and movement concept using the Franklin-Method® and this riders set.

The Franklin-Method® is a unique syntheses of imagery, movement and experienced anatomy. The anatomical embodiment is taught in a way that the participants which most of them are amateur will understand it and will be able to implement it. Through this knowledge the participants get a better feeling for their body and its functions, will be able to embody the new skills, discover unsuitable movement and posture patterns and replace them with new ones.


The Meyners’ riders and movement set developed and compiled by Eckart Meyners and Sportszeugs GbR consists of:


  • Original Franklin-Balls, green, set of 2

  • Franklin Mini-Roll, blue, 1 piece

  • Franklin-Balls soft, orange, set of 2

  • Franklin Fascia-Roll, purple, 1 piece

  • Franklin Universal Mini-Balls, red, set of 2

  • Ball pump

  • Textile-carrier-bag

  • Booklet (20 pages) Meyners´ riding and movement concept using the Franklin-Method®

  • Franklin Fascia Ball, yellow, 1 piece (as addition)

  • Franklin Fascia Grip Ball, blue, 1 piece (as addition)

  • Franklin Fascia Ball and Fascia Grip Ball (as addition)



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Additons to Meyners’ riders and movement set - Franklin Fascia Ball And Franklin Fascia Grip Ball

The Franklin Fascia Ball and Franklin Fascia Grip Ball are used to intensify the effects of the Franklin Original Balls, when the rider has tolerated the unilateral use of these balls. Before using the two balls on the horse, they should be tested on a stool or chair. Because of the water in these balls it has a significant larger effect all the way deep into the tissue of our body. Therefore the functioning of the balls should be perceived first without the horse that there will be no unpleasant reactions for the rider as well as for the horse.
Both balls can be placed unilateral under the seat bones whereby the sites should be changed after a certain time. Before the change is done one should take a moment to sense. It is used for riding at walk, (sitting) trot and canter.  

The unilateral use of both balls after each other enhances the riders intensive feeling  even more than with the Franklin Original Ball. Riders become all in all even more sensitive to unilateral or bilateral weight support. They feel with unilateral use of these balls, the flow of the movement diagonally through their body (e.g. right hip to left shoulder).  Only very intensive experiences with both balls will lead to a deeper awareness. Just like with the Original Franklin Ball, after unilateral use one can use them bilateral.




Franklin-Products support the Franklin-Method® to fasten the process of awareness, sensation, imagination and embodiment. The materials of Meyners´ riders and movement set should be experienced first without the horse. This way it can be felt what effect the materials have on the body and mind. Only then the materials should be tested on the horse. Another important thing is also not to use too many materials  simultaneously.

Already quite a few years back balls and rolls filled with air or water were developed for self-massage and fascia training. The balls and rolls of the Franklin-Method® are perfectly suitable to help horseback riders with a new mobility. Tension, blockages and malposition can be improved by using our Franklin-Products. Franklin-Balls and Rolls can be placed under the buttocks, the upper thighs or the upper arms.

If the materials are used on certain body areas during riding, it for example can help to find a smooth seat. The work and the effect on the rider are fundamentally important. The addressed body areas correspond with other sub-areas of the body, therefore the seat has to be viewed from the body as a whole. Because of the selective changes the awareness of the rider is enhanced. This way the rider is able listen to himself and the horse.





Video Franklin Balls – Part 1: The different balls - movement training:

Source: Youtube








Video Franklin Balls - Part 2: asymmetric seat corretion – movement training

Source: Youtube







Video Franklin Balls - Part 3: improved analogue swing (1) – movement training​

Source: Youtube








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