Exercises after the Franklin method ® in videos and training charts


Exercises after the Franklin method ® in the form of videos and training charts for printing out.

On our main entrance with exercises after the Franklin method ® we offer you a choice in different practise variations.

Youtube videos

Our videos with different Franklin materials for looking and posttraining


Training charts

Training instructions in the form of explanations and pictures for the right application of your Franklin method ® of training device. Our training instructions are developed by qualified or in the education to located Franklin Bewegungs trainers and are put together. The instructions offer you an actual and health-oriented training with products of the Franklin method ®.

You can call away the exercises relatively simply to be realised to every time and everywhere free of charge online and insert in your everyday life.

The team of the sports stuff GbR wishes you a lot of fun and success with your individual training after the Franklin method ®.

Important tip to the training with the products of the Franklin method ®

With health discomfort, pains or in the pregnancy you consult please before the realisation of the exercises your doctor or physiotherapist!