Multi Elastiband®

Multi Elastiband®

Multi Elastiband®

Multi Elastiband of Sveltus – handily, easily and very efficiently

Been suited ideally for muscle training and stretching exercises, all important muscle groups can be coached with the Elastiband: Arms, backs, bottom, breast, thigh, belly. The stronger the tape is stretched, the practise is the more demandingly and more intensely.

With the different strengths and lengths the Multi Elastibands of Sveltus it is to be coached possibly all important muscle groups:
Arms, backs, thighs, breast area, bottom, belly and even other areas.
The Multi Elastibands are tear-proof, do not go out of shape and are washable. Normal Elastibands are just long tapes. The special in the Multi Elastibands are, however, the loops which allow explaining of exercises with different intensities to you. The loops the Multi Elastibands are numbered, so that you can recognise the rise of the intensity. The numbering of the loops, partly with the same distances, partly with different distances to move instructions of the trainer facilitated also faster. With the Multi Elastibands a constant one is cancelled fasten or shift.
Was developed specially by us specially long Franklin Elastiband who substitutes for an each other knot of two tapes.

The ideal training device for at home, in the studio and in the office. The relatively small Multi Elastibands can be taken practically everywhere.

For a short entrance in the training with the Multi Elastibands and more imagination we have provided a video.

A lot of fun while looking and taking part!