Multi Elastiband, green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 inch

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Multi Elastiband, green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 inch


The Multi Elastiband, green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 inch has 8 grip loops that vary in size.


All the important muscles groups are trained, like arms, back, buttocks, legs, stomach. In one training session joints can be mobilized, muscles strengthened and fascia activated.
For stretching and warming up before a training sessions the green Franklin Elastiband is a perfect prop. To make the performance more demanding, the traction of the band just needs be increased.

  • Dimension: 47 inch long, 1.6 inch wide
  • Max. traction: 22lbs
  • With 8 loops, numbered from 1-8 for Orientation
  • Color: green
  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Versatile and flexible use
  • Tear-resistant and non-deformable
  • Patented article

This trainings prop fits in every handbag and vacation luggage.


Multi Elastiband  – Care Instruction

The Franklin Multi Elastiband green can be washed with gentle detergent by max. 86° Fahrenheit. Please do not spin, tumble dry or sanitize, because the Elastiband can be damaged!

The Franklin Multi Elastiband, green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 has 8 grip loops with different size. . The outer and inner grip loops are about 4.7 inch wide and the 6 loops that are in-between are about 4.3 inch. The division of the grip loops from one end to the other of the Elastiband is as followed:

 Die äußeren und inneren Griffschlaufen haben eine Weite von ca. 18 und 20 cm und die dazwischen liegenden 6 Schlaufen ca.12 cm. Die Aufteilung der Griffschlaufen gestaltet sich wie folgt von einem zum anderen Ende des Multi Elastibandes:

  • 2 grip loops approx 7 inch
  • 4 grip loops approx 4.7 inch
  • 1 grip loop   approx   7 inch
  • 1 grip loop   approx. 7.8 inch

Because of the grip loops of the Multi Elastiband green, 22 lbs, 47 x 1.6 there is no need to wrap the band anymore around the hands or feet. There is a big variety of choices where to enter with hands feet or shoulders because of the different sizes of the loops. The grip loops are numbered and make the lead group trainings easier because of it.


Exercise Instructions for working with the Franklin-Elastiband


Source: Youtube


Source: Youtube​


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