Fit & Balance, black tread surface

Fit & Balance, black tread surface

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Fit & Balance, black tread surface


In comparison with the classic Balanceboard is the Balanceboard Fit & Balance because of its 4 absorbing feet more comfortable and safer.


Das Fit & Balance is the Balance-Board that offers 9 difficulty levels with different heights.

  • Dimensions: ca. 4.7 inch high
  • Capacity: up to 242.5 lbs
  • Color: black tread surface
  • Combinable with Elastiband


Balanceboard - Care Instructions

The Balanceboard can be cleaned with gentle dish detergent. Pease, do not use sanitizer, because the surface of the tread can be damaged and get brittle faster!

Sales as shown by figure (without Elastiband)

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