Redondo Ball Touch anthrazit 18 cm

Redondo Ball Touch anthrazit 18 cm

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What is a Redondo® Ball?
It is a soft, inflatable and very resilient ball made of foamed PVC - made in Germany. It can be rapidly inflated by mouth. This ball can bear a weight of at least 120 kg. The material is odorless and free of latex and forbidden phthalates.

What is it good for?
It can help to strengthen the spinal, abdominal and core musculature as well as the pelvic floor and hip flexors. The Redondo ball is also used for massage, or as a head or neck rest.

How does it work?
The Redondo Ball can be easily inflated by mouth (a straw for more comfort and hygiene comes with the product). The air filling can be adjusted to make the ball softer (for sitting or as a headrest) or stiffer for other exercises. Squeeze the ball between your legs to strengthen your leg muscles and buttocks. Use it as a support under your back to strengthen your core musculature. Bounce it and catch it to improve coordination and skills. This ball is a perfect tool for Pilates-, Wellness-, Fitness and Mind-Body exercises. Plenty of exercises are shown on the workout poster, which comes with the ball.

"The versatility of the Redondo Ball is just stunning to me. Simply slide a straw into the unplugged valve and blow up the ball in no time to reach its desired stiffness. Touching the ball makes for a pleasant feeling as it has a soft and very elastic surface. The Redondo Ball is easy to grab. I can really squeeze it with my hands and my legs, thus strengthening my muscles. As it can take a load of at least 120kg I can even rest my body on it during many exercises. Even though it feels so soft, it bounces rather well. This makes it an indispensable tool for a wide range of exercises, especially for Pilates, Wellness and Fitness. By the way a very safe tool as well. It is free of forbidden phthalates, heavy-metals and is produced in Germany in compliance with all the strict European health and environmental norms."

Technical details:
Size: ca 22 cm
Max. load: ca. 120 kg during exercises in lying position

*In case of discomfort before, during or after training the doctor must be consulted.

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