Online course Sit fit

Online course Sit fit

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Online course Sit fit


Online course Sit fit, a dynamic sitting for a long and healthy life.


Who is tormented by too long seats in the job or at home, is defeated by the risk to fall ill with a metabolism disturbance or heart circulation problems. This online course offers the possibility by healthy and moved seats to increase your concentration as well as to bend forward back problems and cervical problems.


Contents of the online courses Sit fit

  • 18 differentiated videos
  • 2 bonus videos introduction and tools of the Franklin method ® for beginners
  • 13 posters of the Franklin method ® for printing out
  •  Total length all video / course duration: approx. 1 hour 16min
  • Online test as a selftest
  • Participation confirmation (no certificate) at the course end


To train actually we recommend the set Franklin Softballs.




Is to seats the new smoking?


About this subject the brisk speculations do. However, fact is: Who rests which rusts! And this is valid particularly with the seat, not only generally, because nowadays we sit in the everyday life anyway too much.

Illnesses of the heart circulation and metabolism disturbances are only some risks which can appear as a result of too long Sitzens. To long seats is brought from researchers in the relation with cancer!

Everybody knows and can understand that after a short time with the seat of several hours of the backs starts to hurt and the legs become difficult. It lets the belly musculature and also the pelvic ground grow tired. To long seats can be reflected negatively on the blood sugar level and on the blood lipid concentration. Besides, the heart circulation system and the metabolism run on savings flame.

But who wants to exchange already his beloved office job for the job of a postman?

Eric Franklin has taken up this subject in his new online course seat you fit and points like you can make in the office at the desk quite specific exercises which counteract against all these problems!


Eric Franklin shows in his compact online course to seat you fit a supporting and simple path for healthy seats:

  • Correct your position fast and in the long term
  • Strengthen even with the seat your musculature in belly and bottom
  • Learn exercises which can help you in the everyday life constantly to become loose, more relaxed and more concentrated
  • Experience dwindling away of back and shoulder problems
  • Save by the training in the office time
  • Bring at the desk your belly and bottom muscles in form!
  • You have no time for `see fitness studio, then simply train for work!
  • So much fun has never made to seats!


Onlinekurse Sitz_dich_Fit


  • Improve your position fast and with lasting effect!
  • Strengthen even in the seat your belly and bottom muscles!
  • Learn exercises which help you any time in the everyday life to be loose, more relaxed and more concentrated.
  • Experience like back and shoulder problems melt away.


The Online courses Sit fit, is also suitable for riders


If you are a rider, then the online course is fit for you and definitely suitable for you. You will trot more upbeat, get a more relaxed pelvic floor and sit in the saddle. Try it!


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